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Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude Paper (GS-IV) is very scoring yet there is no clear-cut guidance available. At the same time it's difficult to find full-fledged classroom programs for the same. If one gets conceptual clarity and then learns how to apply concepts in exams, scoring nearly 130+ in GS-IV is not that difficult. Studying Ethics paper and applying it in real life and in exam paper has become sine qua non to be a successful human being as well as a successful candidate in this exam. 

“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”. The statement by French philosopher Albert Camus underscores the importance of ethics for human beings and all the more for aspiring civil servants. UPSC introduced the “Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude” (GS - IV) as one of the general studies papers from 2013. And since then many toppers have scored 140+ proving it to be one of the highest scoring GS papers. The purpose of introducing ethics papers was to test ethical competency of an aspirant for civil services. However, most of the ethics courses are restricted to helping one get more marks rather than helping them inculcate core ethical values and to make them morally sensitive civil servants. 

The contemporary society as quoted by various State reports has witnessed a declining standards of ethics and integrity among the civil servants. The dwindling ethical standards and the adverse impact of corruption have led to disastrous impact on the administration and in turn the society. Thus, the introduction of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude paper by UPSC has come as an attempt to revamp the new generation of civil servants.

Keeping this in mind, our ethics course is going to be holistic and will strive to address the demand of the exam as well as make you understand the importance of being ethical in civil services. 

The GS-IV paper has been dynamic covering both the conceptual part and case studies with each year more challenging than the previous. GS-IV paper is the lengthiest of all GS papers and this is the general consensus among the aspirants. On the contrary, aspirants who have scored well in GS – IV have mostly been on the final list of UPSC. Thus, GS – IV in the recent years has been a game-changer in UPSC CSE Mains examinations.

Keeping all these things in mind, InsightsIAS, in its quest to EQUIP the UPSC aspirants to master the GS – IV paper, is introducing the Ethics classes by the renowned faculty Prof K.M.Pathi.


Fee: Rs. 20000/-

Starts from : 12th October 2020

Time : 9:30am to 12:30pm

Mode : Online & Offline*( After Governemnt gives us guidelines to run Offline)

Branches : Delhi & Bangalore


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