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Secure Through Insta Review ( STHIR- 2021)


One major challenge that almost every IAS aspirant faces during this exam preparation is that of maintaining consistency every day. Without consistency and self discipline, cracking this exam is difficult. To ensure consistency you should have a workable plan. However, even when someone joins a course and tries to follow a plan, they follow the plan inconsistently. This is mainly because most of them fail to strictly do things as per the plan in the beginning stages itself. If one falters in the beginning and misses out targets, they tend to either abandon the plan or try to create another one. You might have experienced this often: not being able to complete topics for the first test, then postponing it, and then never giving it. 


To overcome this problem, in addition to strong internal motivation and determination, you should have a plan that works for you. At the same time this plan should be such that it should enable you to assess your progress as well as improve your chances by helping you get regular expert feedback on the work that you are doing. Also, this plan should be such that it should never look like a burden to you. Everything you do in a day should be integrated in such a way that what you do for prelims should help in mains preparation and vice versa. Anything you do in a day must add to your confidence. 


To ensure this we  are coming up with a new initiative that is going to positively change the way you prepare for this exam. We are creating one integrated timetable where you can follow Secure, Static Quiz, CSAT, Ethics plan and later 75 days revision plan for Prelims - 2021 too.


We are naming this initiative as STHIR- 2021, short form for Secure Through  Insta Review-2021. STHIR in Sanskrit, Hindi or Kannada means Steadiness. We are confident that if you follow this timetable, you will be able to maintain consistency through steadyrevisions thereby improving your chances of clearing this exam.


Following are the features of the program:


  1. Review of TWO secure answers by our expert evaluators Monday to Friday every week. Around 245 Questions will be evaluated as per the plan (equivalent to 22 full length GS papers)

  2. Review  of TWO essays of Sunday Essay Challenges every month by our expert evaluators. Overall 15 essays will be evaluated. In addition there will be one Full Length Essay exam. 

  3. Full length Mains Exam after completion of every static subject (which is part of both Secure and Daily Static Quiz - check the timetable). There are 15 such full length Mains tests which will be evaluated. 

  4. There will be 15 Full Length Prelims Paper-1 (GS) Mock tests and 4 CSAT mocks.

  5. Every week, we will be giving 25 MCQs (only for STHIR -2021 Paid subscribers) prepared from that week’s editorials. Nowadays we are seeing a trend where UPSC is asking questions that are analytical and are related to many burning issues. This unique addition to STHIR-2021 will give you an edge in Prelims and as well as Mains. You will read editorials both from Prelims and Mains perspective when you start solving these 25 questions. The quality of these questions will match the kind of lengthy and analytical questions that UPSC is giving in Prelims in recent years. 

  6. STHIR-2021 subscribers will get a platform where all these initiatives, including daily quizzes, can be accessed at one source (instacourses.insightsonindia.com). 

  7. Guaranteed synopsis of Secure questions within 48 hours. 

  8. Posting of all Quizzes on time every day. 

  9. Access to our famous Prelims Booster Classes in the months of May and June-2021.

  10. Most important feature is that intake for this paid initiative is limited to 300 Students. This is to ensure consistency and quality from our side. First 300 who subscribe will get the admission on a first come, first served basis. It is available only in the ONLINE mode. 


Fee: 19000/-


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