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Advanced Prelims Enrichment Course 2021: APEC-2021


Preliminary Exam, the very first round of the highly coveted UPSC CSE tests the Objectivity of the Aspirants. With lakhs of aspirants applying for the exam and thousands of serious aspirants among them, your every move and every thought becomes IMPORTANT in the exam.

The “immensely dynamic and versatile” nature of the papers in preliminary examination has been the biggest hurdle for most UPSC aspirants. The trend of the questions in the recent past have metamorphosed from the simple and plain concept based to those which are concept based and are related to current affairs of past 1-2 years and vice-versa. Thus, the challenge posed in solving 100 such questions in 120 minutes with high accuracy of correctness is a daunting one.

At times, Prelims can be an unsurmountable hurdle and many aspirants dread the multiple-choice questions. The paper has become increasingly difficult and needs a holistic approach. Recent trend in UPSC Prelims Paper nudge us to have conceptual clarity along with disciplined practice. Off-late we are overwhelmed with requests for classes for Prelims preparation along with regular practice.

In this regard, Insights IAS, one of the pioneers in providing high quality prelims test series, has now come up with ADVANCED PRELIMS ENRICHMENT COURSE - 2021. The course is meticulously designed to cater holistically to the recent trends of UPSC CSE preliminary exam. The classes focus on the conceptual clarity of various probable topics along with the linkage to recent happenings (current affairs) in a diligent manner. It is further enriched by the insights of our highly experienced faculty who have helped many students to clear the “prelims barrier”.

Advanced Prelims Enrichment Course 2021 ensures holistic strategic revision of every subject with high quality Classes solely orientated towards Prelims, immense practice of MCQs both GS & CSAT with Class Tests and Home assignments, Special Sessions by Prelims Experts with respect to Strategy & Tricks, Previous Years’ UPSC Questions Discussions. With difficulty of the CSAT paper increasing and many aspirants failing to clear the cut-off in the last two years, special emphasis will be provided to CSAT.


Structure of the Course:

Classes will be conducted Subject wise (3hrs a day). Classes are so designed to cover the Basics as well as integrate Current affairs related to the topics. Subject faculties will also discuss the previous year UPSC Prelims Questions. Every Lecture will be followed by the Class Test of 30MCQs. Students are expected to solve MCQs (GS, preferably from Question Banks as they are arranged topic wise and include high quality Questions) with increasing numbers every month. We recommend students to solve as many MCQs as possible as we believe Reverse Engineering as a strategy for Quick & Effective Learning.

After Every Subject, we provide full length Prelims Test so that you analyse your conceptual clarity and analyse your progress. This would bring a sense of completion with respect to every subject.


We have included full-fledged CSAT Classes to cater to the growing importance of CSAT. Tricks & Shortcuts would ensure that CSAT would not be a hurdle in clearing Prelims.


Classes, Tests and Unparalleled mentoring offered in this course will be a full-fledged package for your UPSC CSE Prelims Preparation.

Smooth transition of timetable to our very much successful Insta Revision Plan from April would keep your momentum and focus towards Prelims till the exam.


The above would equip an aspirant to push their horizons of knowledge, practice rigorously, develop a knack of solving myriad of questions, face prelims confidently and stand a very good chance of clearing the examination. 


Quality content from high quality & Dedicated classes coupled with daily and weekly practice of MCQs and your unwavered commitment to preparation could enhance your chances of scoring 110+ in real exam.


Features of this Courses:


  • Subject wise Classes completely oriented towards Prelims Exam
  • Current Affairs covered in Every Class of respective topics
  • Previous year Questions’ Discussion in every Class
  • Extended CSAT Classes with full syllabus completion to tackle any unconventional paper
  • Strategy classes to improve your accuracy
  • Daily Revision Class Tests for GS as well as CSAT
  • Home Assignments to be followed for more Practice & to Improve your skills
  • Full Length Prelims Test after every Subject
  • Full Length Prelims Test on Economic Survey & Budget
  • Full Length Prelims Test on Agriculture theme
  • Economic Survey & Budget integrated with the Classes
  • Timetable is smoothly Integrated with Insta Prelims Revision Plan 2021
  • Mentorship Provided till Prelims 2021
  • Total Questions Solved as part of Class Tests:

GS: 1890 Questions

CSAT : 750 Questions

  • Total Questions Solved as part of Assignments:

GS : 5170

CSAT : 1455



  • Fee: Rs. 16000/- Only
  • Duration : 3 hrs Class perday
  • Major Takeaways:
  • Free Textbook Based Prelims Test Series will be available from 1st April 2021
  • Subscribers clearing Prelims will get 50% discount on I-WIL 2021


  • Available in Online Mode & Offline Mode

(Offline mode in Bangalore only. Depending on ease of Govt. Restrictions in Delhi, Classes will be LIVE STREAMED in Delhi Centre i.e., Students can watch Classes LIVE in Delhi Centre)

Starts from 11th Feb 2021

Orientation on 10th Feb 2021







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