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CSAT 2021


The Recent trend of CSAT has made it evident that it is the CSAT which could be the paper to eliminate candidates in the 1st stage. Tougher and Unconventional CSAT paper of CSE 2020 has left many aspirants even with 110+ in Paper 1 out of the race. This is a lesson that one should not ignore the CSAT paper irrespective of the previous performance in the competitive exams. You need to ensure that CSAT paper should not be an hindrance to Clear CSE – Prelims.

Considering this , InsightsIAS is launching CSAT Classes – Foundational Course which will not only include explanation of concepts , tricks and shortcuts but also discussion of Previous year Question Papers.



  • No use of formulae; only by logical, analytical methods and by conceptual learning.
  • Strategic and effective time management techniques.
  • 1000+ questions will be solved in the classes, only a revision of these questions will ensure your success.
  • With 100 hours of CSAT @ INSIGHTS we will assure 100% results in CSAT UPSC even for Non-Math Students


Class Starts from 8th April2021

Fee : 6990/- incl taxes

Old Subscriber Discount : 10%

Early Bird offer : 15% discount till 31st March 2021

                           10% discount till 6th April 2021

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