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Insta Prelims Test Series 2022


Textbook based  : 

INSTA Textbook based test series is suitable for both Freshers and Veterans. There are a total of 50 Tests -

  • 12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on NCERTs
  • 12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on standard textbooks, Thematic tests & references + Economic Survey 2021-22 & Budget 2022-23 + India Year Book 2021 and 2022
  • 2 Tests – Dedicated Thematic – Social Welfare and Science/Technology
  • 12 weekly full-length tests covering comprehensive syllabus
  • 12 CSAT

This approach of mandatory focus on NCERTs followed with Standard books lays a strong foundation to reach the pinnacle of success. 

There will be revision Tests after every 5 Tests . This will help you in timely revision of every important topic including Current Affairs. 

Textbook Based Test Series is available in English Medium Only.


Subject wise  :

Subject wise test series is a guiding light for Prelims 2022 for those students who are familiar with the UPSC Syllabus and have completed the syllabus at least once.

 Timetable is perfectly planned with EBS Approach to keep you focused, busy and consistent throughout the year. 

Tests under this test series will be subject-wise and will help you complete prelims and mains syllabus with a minimum of 4 revisions by March 2022


There are a total of 50 Tests with 37 full length high quality credible GS tests and 12 CSAT that match the UPSC Standards (Testified by hundreds of toppers every year) 


Subjectwise (GS) Prelims Test Series is available in English as well as Hindi Medium.



Please note: Test on India Year Book, Economic Survey & Budget and 8 tests of simulation rounds are common for both Subject wise and textbook based prelims Test Series

  • There will be discussion class for every test. ( Live/ Recorded class will also be provided )
  • INSTA Study Material related to Prelims will be provided.
  • Prelims Tricks and Strategy session will be conducted.( Live/ Recorded class will also be provided )
  • Every Test Question paper & SOlutions will be made avaialble in PDF only after the test is attempted.
  • Test Mode and Timings are flexible.
  • All India Rank and Performance analysis will be provided.
  • Every Test will cover Current Affairs comprehensively from June 1, 2021 This helps you read and revise current affairs from the beginning.
  • All tests will cover previous year question papers of UPSC civil services. NDA, CDS, IES, CAPF exams. This feature helps you understand the expectations of UPSC and prepare accordingly.
  • There will be Mains Questions as well (10 Questions) that are based on given topics. We will provide SYNOPSIS for these 10 questions too.
  • Every test will cover 10 percent of the previous test’s syllabus. This is to let you not forget what you have read for the first test and thereafter Helps you revise previous tests before the next test.
  • There will be section-wise analysis of your performance in each test. This helps you know where you need to put extra efforts to prepare well for your weakest areas.
  • Unlimited access to previous tests in the form of PDFs.
  • Your doubts would be addressed under each test discussion page.
  • This test series will seriously prepare you to tackle actual exam with full confidence.

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Textbook Based Prelims Test Series 2022 - Full Package

8500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

Early Bird: 10%

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Textbook Based Prelims Test Series 2022 - Only GS

6000/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

Early Bird: 10%

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Subjectwise Prelims Test Series 2022 - Full Package

8500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

Early Bird: 10%

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Subjectwise Prelims Test Series 2022 - Only GS

6000/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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2500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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Combined Prelims Test Series 2022

14500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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1. What are the different Prelims Test Series Packages available?

There are 3 packages in total – 1. Subjectwise Test Series 2022 2. Textbook Based Test Series 2022 3. Combined Package 2022

2. How to decide which test series to buy? What is the difference between the packages?

Difference basically lies in the approach to covering syllabus. Textbook Based Test series is more suitable for freshers and aspirants who have not done the basic NCERTs well. NCERTs are very important and mandatory & Exclusive coverage of NCERTs will lay a strong foundation Subject wise Test Series is suitable for Veterans or aspirants who have finished one round of syllabus. Combined Package is a combination of Textbook Based and Subject wise Test Series i.e., all the tests of Textbook Based and Subject wise Test Series are included. Those aspirants who intend to solve more questions to improve accuracyand skillsand learn through MCQs can opt for the combined package.

3. How do I check the timetable of the packages?

Go to ‘Courses’ menu in the All new INSTA Courses Portal through <a href="instacourses.insightsonindia.com">instacourses.insightsonindia.com</a> Click on ‘ View Packages’ of INSTA PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2022 Click on ‘ Packages ‘ and Click on ‘ View Schedule’

4. How do I purchase the test series?

Subscribe at <a href="">instacourses.insightsonindia.com</a> if you are a new subscriber. Complete OTP confirmation process and make the payment to the respective course in your dashboard itself.

5. Can I purchase more than 1 package?

Yes, You can. All the available packages will be displayed to you in the dashboard. You can add the package and make the payment

6. What do I get after subscribing to the prelims Test Series?

a) INSTA Classes : Classes will be on • Strategy for CSE 2022 • How to read textbooks for Mock tests? • How to make notes? • How to read Current Affairs? • How to score well in Prelims Mocks? • Tips and techniques for scoring high in Prelims 2021. > Strategy Class and Tricks to score high in Insights Prelims Tests > Tests on Previous Years' UPSC Question Papers + Discussion Videos + Strategy Videos b) Discussion of the tests by the faculties c) Detailed and well researched Solutions (soft copy only) d) INSTA 30 e) INSTA BOOSTERS f) INSTA Study Material g) All India Ranking. h) Detailed Performance analysis: Detailed analytical assessment system is incorporated. You can get the categorical analysis will be provided in both difficulty level and each subject, All India Dynamic & Static Rank, your score card, leader board etc.

7. What is INSTA 30?

INSTA 30 is a dedicated prelims-oriented monthly magazine to expedite the revision of monthly current affairs. 30 Days Current Affairs in 30 pages.

8. What are INSTA Boosters?

INSTA Boosters are dedicated prelims-oriented compendium of static syllabus which will be made available 2 months before the prelims.

9. When will the discussion be held?

Discussion of Prelims tests in most cases will be held on the scheduled date after the test. Students will be updated on the date of the test discussion for each test.

10. Can I take this test any time online, any day at my convenience?

Yes. You can give tests anytime as per your convenience. Once a test is activated from our end, you can take the test anytime, any day till prelims 2022 exam. After 2022 prelims, you will be allowed only to download 2021 test papers in PDF format from downloads section. So, please try to stick to the Timetable!

11. Can I take test in Hindi or English?

Subjectwise GS Prelims Test Series is available in both Hindi & English However Textbook Based Test Series is available In English Only

12. How many times can I give one Test?

Initially you can give each test only one time. You need not worry regarding revision. We will increase number of retakes to 2 more times 50 days before Prelims 2022. This ensures fair ranking system and seriousness among subscribers who strictly follow the Timetable.

13. Will I get PDF of questions and solutions?

Yes. Once you complete the test, a PDF will be generated automatically which will be sent to your registered email. You can also see the same in your dashboard. You can also download a copy for reference. But please do not share them with anyone if you want to see honest rankings!

14. Will there be All India Ranking?

Yes. All India Ranking will be there for each Test.

15. Do I get the performance analysis?

Yes. The performance graph will be provided for eachstudent which will help them in self-assessment. For Prelims, Detailed analytical assessment system is incorporated. You can get the categorical analysis will be provided in both difficulty level andeach subject, All India Dynamic & Static Rank, your score card, leader board etc.

16. How Ranking is Decided?

You will see two rankings for each test in your dashboard. One Rank will be static and another dynamic. Static rank is based on the number of students who give a particular date before a cut-off date i.e. a day before next scheduled test. Dynamic rank is the one that varies as more number of students give each test. Static rank is more authentic if you want to gauge your performance.

17. Will I get Rank if I give tests after its scheduled date?

Yes. However, you will get dynamic ranking, but not the static ranking. For difference between two rankings, please refer above FAQ.

18. Which papers of UPSC civil services does this test series cover?

This test series is for General Studies Paper - 1 and General Studies Paper - 2 of UPSC civil services preliminary exam.

19. How many questions will be there in each test?

Each Test will have 100 questions framed from sources mentioned in the detailed timetable which you can see in your dashboard and on our website.

20. Which books will you cover in these tests?

All book names are mentioned along with chapters to be covered in the detailed Schedule. Also we will provide you a class on Strategy for CSE 2022, Books to cover and how to read books etc. in the month of June before your tests begin.

21. Will you cover current events in each test?

Yes. Current events from June 2021 to May - 2022 will be covered under test series (Which means, we will frame questions based on these current events)

22. Is this test series only Online?

No it is both online & offline.

23. Can I Switch from Online mode to Offline mode & vice versa?

Now with All New INSTA Courses Portal, there is no need to switch modes. It is a common portal. You get to choose the mode for each test.

24. Can I write a few tests online and a few tests offline?

With the launch of All New INSTA COURSES portal, we have come up with a new feature which merges the mode of test. There is complete flexibility on taking the Prelims and Mains Tests. You can choose either online or offline as the mode of test for each test on the go by making prior reservation on the ALL NEW InstaCoursesPortal.

25. Will you give Feedback on our Mains answers if we post them online?

This is a bonus feature. Form groups among yourself and please review each other's answers. If possible, we too will review, but cannot promise this.

26. When will we get Previous year Insights Test Series questions papers and their Solutions?

We have provided 2016, 2017 ,2018, 2019, 2020 Tests along with Solutions for free download under Download Section. We will also provide 2021 tests along with solutions shortly.

27. Whom shall I contact if I face technical problem?

Please send an email to this ID: support@insightsias.com

28. When is the last date for making Payment?

You can pay till next year. But it is suggested that you start early by making payment early so that you can follow the timetable and be free from any kind of pressure later.

29. I am an old subscriber of one of the prelims/mains test series at INSIGHTS. Do I get any discount?

Yes, 20% of fee will be discounted for old subscribers.

30. I am an old subscriber. How do I avail discount?

Discount will be applied automatically for old subscribers.

31. How can I avail Early bird offer?

Early bird offer will be automatically applied if you happen to purchase the course (i.e., make the payment) before 30th June 2021.

32. Can I get the refund, after I make the payment?

No, fee once paid is non-refundable in any circumstance.