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Integrated Prelims Cum Mains(IPM) Test Series 2022

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The IPM test series of INSIGHTSIAS is very disruptive methodology of Preparation towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a treeI'd spend the first three sharpening my axe.”

No doubt that every serious aspirant spends most of the time, probably for almost a year, in sharpening but the point is that they should hold an axe and not a sicklewhich takes a prolonged period of time to bringing down the tree, no matter how sharp it is.

Like an AXE, The IPM provides for

  • Optimum number of Tests, as we say, practice makes a man perfect.


  • EBS Approach (Essential, Breakthrough & Simulation) to STEP-UP the difficulty level gradually to make you more competitive in both Prelims & MAINS.
  • Perfectly planned timetable for both Prelims & MAINS to keep you focused, busy and consistent throughout the year.
  • Accessibility: Choose either Online or Offline as your mode for every test on the go as students can take exams either at their home or visit the Offline centers by making a prior reservation from our All New Test Portal.


  • MAINS Specific Features:
    • Mentorship: a hand holding endeavor to motivate students & better guide in their preparation. The mentorship will be done via telephonic conversation for online students and in-person for Offline students (Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi).
    • Time-bound & Holistic Evaluation: Evaluation of the answer booklets written on the scheduled test date will be ensured before the next test. Evaluation of the test booklets written on other than the test dates will be made available within 10 WORKING DAYS.
    • Rapid Discussion: To give an effective trajectory for your preparation (w.r.t to the syllabus) to the test of Essential Round of Examination. The discussions will be live-streamed or the recorded videos of the same will be made available within 24-48 hours from the date of scheduled test discussion.
    • Question paper discussion videos: for better clarification of demands of the question. The discussion will be live-streamed or the recorded videos of the same will be made available within 24-48 hours from the date of scheduled test discussion.
    • Flexibility: All the tests are flexible and can be taken up any time before the MAINS 2022
    • Synopsis: Detailed, well researched synopsis will be made available for all mains tests.
    • INSTA Value added materials  will be provided 2 months before the MAINS examinations in 2022.
  • Prelims Specific Features
    • Covers unconventional portion through MCQs
    • DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM: We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths, subjects to work upon, skills to work upon, Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level , All India Rank , Your scorecard & Leader board, etc.,
    • INSTA 30, a dedicated prelims oriented monthly magazine to expedite the revision of monthly current affairs.
    • INSTA Boosters, a dedicated prelims orientedcompendiumof static syllabus, will be made available 2 months before the prelims.
    • Discuss and get your doubts cleared by experts as well as peers in the Test Portal
    • Experience the real competition with our huge serious aspirant base.
    • Multiple re-takes of the tests will be enabled two months before prelims so that you can revise multiple times (Online Only).

The toughest exam in the country has a 3 phase selection process and with nearly a million aspirants appearing every year for less than 1000 vacancies, portrays the mind boggling competition that requires the students to give their absolute best in the examination and there is no better program than the IPM and the Platform of INSIGHTSIAS to ensure your success.


Fee: Rs 32500/- (Inclusive of all taxes)  

Early bird offer - 15% discount (Limited Period till 30th June 2021)

For old subscribers - 20% discount

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1. What is IPM 2022?

IPM 2022 stands for Integrated Prelims cum MAINS Test series 2022. It is a breakthrough initiative conceptualised and implemented by INSIGHTSIAS under the guidance of Founder & Director of INSIGHTSIAS Mr. Vinay Kumar G.B.

2. Why is IPM better than other Test Series?

IPM establishes coherence between Prelims & Mains test series. Thus, students can utilise time effectively & inculcate the knack of orienting their approach to both Prelims & Mains exam in a single go. Apart from Coherence between Prelims & Mains tests, the IPM also embodies EBS (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation Tests) approach which ensures holistic preparation as there would be a progressive increase in the difficulty level of questions and also brings in the art of Interdisciplinary linkages in answer writing. It is an approach that every aspirant has been longing for and it fills the void in your preparation to the fullest.

3. Who can subscribe?

Any civil service aspirant (beginner/veteran) who aspire for a one stop solution (Test Series) in his/her preparation targeting UPSC CSE 2021.

4. What all do I get as a part of Subscription to IPM 2022?

a) INSTA Preparatory Classes : Classes will be on • Strategy for CSE 2022 • How to read textbooks for Mock tests? • How to make notes? • How to read Current Affairs? • How to score well in Prelims Mocks? • How to write good GS Answers? • How to prepare and complete syllabus for each Mains Test? • How to write ethics answers? • How to write good Essays? • Tips and techniques for scoring high in Prelims 2022. > Strategy Class and Tricks to score high in Insights Prelims Tests > Tests on Previous Years' UPSC Question Papers + Discussion Videos + Strategy Videos b) Rapid Discussion Classes: Classes on How to tackle the syllabus for each test in the essential round. c) Discussion of the tests(prelims & Mains) by the faculties d) Mentorship – You get mentorship for each test e) Detailed and well researched Synopsis. (soft copy only) f) INSTA 30 g) INSTA BOOSTERS h) INSTA Study Material i) Evaluated answer booklet within 10 Working days from the day of submission. If you submit your answer booklet on the scheduled date of the test , then evaluated booklet will be given before the next test. j) All India Ranking. k) Detailed Performance analysis: Detailed analytical assessment system is incorporated. You can get the categorical analysis will be provided in both difficulty level and each subject, All India Dynamic & Static Rank, your score card, leader board etc. For Mains, the performance will be provided Paper-wise (Each section) and also the overall analysis of highest marks, average marks and score of students. l) ** ALL NEW FEATURE: Secure initiative will now be on your INSTA Courses portal too. Assured review of at least two answers posted for the Questions of SECURE initiative in the All New InstaCourse portal.

5. What is INSTA 30?

INSTA 30 is a dedicated prelims-oriented monthly magazine to expedite the revision of monthly current affairs. 30 Days Current Affairs in 30 pages.

6. What are INSTA Boosters?

INSTA Boosters are dedicated prelims-oriented compendium of static syllabus which will be made available 2 months before the prelims.

7. What is INSTA Study Material?

We will be releasing important study materials related to MAINS which adds value to your answers. This will be made available for IPM and Mains Test Series Students.

8. How do I avail Mentorship?

Subscribersare required to book an appointment for mentorship from the InstaCourses Portal a) Online Mentorship will be through a call from INSIGHTSIAS at the scheduled time. (Each session of mentorship is for maximum of 20 minutes) b) Offline Mentorship will be done INSIGHTSIAS Centre.

9. When will the discussion be held?

Discussion of Prelims and Mains tests in most cases will be held on the scheduled date after the test. Students can either attend the discussion offline or can watch the recorded video which will be provided on the portal within a couple of days. Students will be updated on the date of the test discussion for each test.

10. When do I get the test Solutions and Question Paper?

Solutions for Prelims test will be made available soon after the test. Synopsis for Mains Tests will be made available in the test portal within a couple of days from the scheduled test date.

11. What are the special features of Insights evaluation?

The evaluation team of INSIGHTS consists of veterans who have given mains and interviews. All the evaluators are trained hard by team insights to ensure quality feedback. The features of evaluation are: 1) Time bound evaluation. 2) Comprehensive and constructive feedback. 3) Two rounds of thorough evaluation.

12. Do I get the performance analysis?

Yes. For both prelims and mains, the performance graph will be provided for each student which will help them in self-assessment. For Prelims, Detailed analytical assessment system is incorporated. You can get the categorical analysis will be provided in both difficulty level andeach subject, All India Dynamic & Static Rank, your score card, leader board etc. For Mains, the performance will be provided Paper-wise (Each section) and alsothe overall analysis of highest marks, average marks and score of students.

13. How do I take the tests & how to submit the answer booklets?

a) You are required to login to the InstaCourses portal with your credentials provided at the time of registration. In the Menu Select Mains Tests. b) The Question Cum Answer booklets will be made available in MY TEST section on the scheduled test date at 9:30 A.M. c) You need to get the printout of the Question cum Answer booklet, write your answers, and scan the answer booklet as per the Guidelines and upload the booklet in the portal against the same test. d) Failing to meet the Guidelines of scanning, the answer booklets will be rejected and will have to be re-uploaded by you after making necessary corrections.

14. Do I have to take the tests on the scheduled test date?

Tests are completely flexible. You can take the test anytime after the scheduled date as per your convenience. However for offline, you will have to make reservation on the ALL NEW InstaCourses Portal

15. Can I Write a few Tests Online and a few Offline at my convenience?

There is complete flexibility on taking the Prelims and Mains Tests. You can choose either online or offline as the mode of test for each test on the go by making prior reservation on the ALL NEW InstaCourses Portal

16. Can I Switch from Online mode to Offline mode & vice versa?

Now with All New INSTA Courses Portal, there is no need to switch modes. It is a common portal. You get to choose the mode for each test.

17. Do I get All India Rank for Prelims?

Yes. But the ranking will be dynamic and it will keep changing as the number of attempted tests increases.

18. Do you upload the Topper Answer Booklets?

Three good answer booklets for each test (may not always be of toppers) will be made available in the MAINS Test series portal at an appropriate time.

19. What is the Fee of IPM-2022?

The Fee is Rs.32,500/- and is inclusive of GST.

20. Will there be any discount?

INSTA discount for previous Test Subscribers is provided.All the OGP & CORE students of INSIGHTSIAS and subscribers of various test series programs (Prelims or MAINS) will get an exclusive discount of 20% over the subscription of IPM.

21. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: What is the course duration?

The Course duration is between the 20th of July 2021 to Mains 2022 (Tentatively)

22. Will Current Affairs be a part of every test (Prelims and Mains)?

Current Affairs will be a part of the syllabus of every test. Previous 10 days of Current Affairs from the scheduled date of the test will be covered in every test. However, depending on the importance and need we may cover Current Affairs of previous months’ too. Apart from this, INSTA 30, INSTA Boosters, All new Secure Initiative will all help you keep Current Affairs at the tip of your fingers.

23. Is there any last date of admission for IPM 2022?

There is no last date for admission to IPM 2021. If a student wishes to take admission in the middle of the schedule, he/she can do so. All the previous tests will be made available for the student to attempt from the date of admission. But Insights encourages students to take admission at the earliest and start your preparation immediately so as to not have any backlogs to worry about and stay up-to-date with the timetable.

24. Will any other Test Series be launched apart from IPM 2022 in the near future or even later the year?

There will be I-WILL (Insta-Writing Improvement and Leverage) 2022 and 3-Month Tests Series such as our previous IAM (Autumn Mains Test Series) 2022 and IMB (Intensive Mains Booster Test series) 2022 launched later the year. But confirmation regarding duration, schedule and fee can only be made at the time of its launch.

25. How is the infrastructure of InsightsIAS for students opting for Offline subscription of Test Series?

It is one of the best in India. Even most reputed institutions do not have the infrastructure that InsightsIAS boasts of. Replete with Centralised Air-condition, comfortable desks and chairs, invigilator at all times, providing a conducive exam-like environment.

26. How must working professionals keep up with the schedule of IPM 2022?

Working professionals must realise that they need to work harder and even utilise their breaks for some productive study in-order to be on par with their competitors. Joining IPM 2022 is crucial for working professionals as they can stay motivated and informed through the best aspirant base in the country and be accountable to their studies at the same time. Travel time, breaks, dedicated 3-4 hours of time post work and weekends must be utilised to cover syllabus for the next test which has a time gap of 10 days, Daily Current Affairs and Optional subject preparation. If the entire syllabus is not covered, there is nothing to worry as there are multiple sectional and full length tests conducted enabling students to complete the entire syllabus atleast 4 times by the time they complete breakthrough tests. Insights Mentors are always there to help make personalised time-tables. Smart-work is key for working professionals and Insights vouches to guide them at every step.

27. Will the Test Series be available in Hindi medium as well?

No. Currently, IPM 2022 is available in the medium of English language ONLY.

28. Multiple sources mentioned for syllabus coverage seems too hectic. How do I choose any one source and between Old/New NCERTs?

a. In all cases except otherwise specifically mentioned we will follow New NCERTs b. Economy: 10th Edition of Ramesh Singh will be referred. c. Modern India: Refer to either Latest edition of Spectrum Publication or Struggle for India’s Independence – Bipin Chandra. d. Map Based Questions: We suggest students to complete one exercise of Map work of all important political and physical geography. Emphasis should be on political and physical maps of places in news. In due course of time we will compile the important places in news and how to practice map-based questions on them. e. Other parts of the syllabus: (National Parks/Biosphere Reserves etc. + Regional and International bodies + Tribes of India): We will share a break-up plan and resources to study and attempt this part of the syllabus in due time. Again, Mentors will come in handy here and will be available to guide you with the best source.

29. Will I be given an option to re-attempt prelims/mains tests more than once for better score?

Multiple re-takes of the PRELIMS TESTS ONLY will be enabled two months before prelims so that you can revise multiple times (Online Only). Students can write Mains tests again and get them checked by mentors personally.

30. Will I be provided any special guidance for Essay and Ethics Papers?

Apart from our highly qualified Essay and Ethics faculty, our founder, Vinay Sir would be taking Orientation and Discussion classes for Essay and Ethics papers from time to time.

31. Will I be allowed to take up any pending tests, if any, beyond the last date of IPM 2021?

Course will be active till Mains 2022. So, you can finish the tests by then. However, the duration within which Evaluated copies will be given cannot be assured to be 10working days.

32. What should my approach be towards preparing for the test series till then?

Read the schedule of the IPM 2022 in detail and clarify your doubts if any. Make a broad time-table as to how you will go about completing the syllabus for Essential to Break-through to Simulation Tests finally. It is very important to stay up-to-date with Current Affairs on a daily basis. Decide on your Optional Subject and start preparing for the same as well. You can start writing answers on our Secure Initiative to get into the habit of answer-writing. Practice our daily Current Affairs and Static MCQs to get a head-start to your prelims preparation as well. However, we will be conducting classes on strategy for CSE 2022 and other preparatory classes as mentioned above in Question 4. You will get a clear road map following the classes.