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CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 Without Evaluation


In the wake of CSE Prelims exam 2021 being postponed, InsightsIAS, keeping up with its legacy, is back with a new program to help students utilize the available time in the most fruitful manner possible by keeping them constructively engaged especially for the next four difficult but crucial months.

InsightsIAS announces the commencement of our prestigious, intense and highly rewarding Core Batch – CORE BATCH (Intensive) 2021 which has been instrumental in creating many toppers since CSE-2014, including Nandini K R Rank-1 in CSE-2016 , Sachin Gupta Rank-3, CSE 2017, Jeydev CS Rank -5, CSE 2019

Last year, around the same time when Prelims exam got postponed we conducted a similar Core Batch(Exclusively for Delhi – DCORE) and we are happy to share that , DCORE has produced magnificent results – Out of 44 students in total; 21 students cleared Prelims and 10 out of them will be attending Interview! We hope to produce much better results this year as well.

It will be an intensive test-based program for the truly aspiring and dedicated students only. It not only promises to transform an ASPIRANT into a TOPPER but also improve ranks of existing rank holders, provided the student works hard passionately and utilizes every feature and facility of the program to the fullest.


Core Batch(Intensive)2021 without Evaluation


  1. Total 58 MAINS Tests for covering all the 4 GS papers & ESSAY.
  2. Access to all Question papers & Synopsis of Core Batch(Intensive)2021


Fee: 1000/- 

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