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Insta Public Administration Optional 2022


Insights IAS is Pleased to announce class room program for public administration optional. 

Public Administration as an optional has always been popular among UPSC aspirants. Its popularity is owing to the following factors
1>  Concise syllabus compared to other optionals
2>  Overlap with general studies is much higher than other subjects
3>  Dynamic and analytical nature which helps in general studies and reduces burden of memorization
4>  Useful later when you become an administrator
Recent trend of marks in public administration is on the increase compared to about 5 years ago when it faced a disadvantage compared to others. Top rankers like Pradeep Singh(Rank 1), Abhilash Mishra (Rank 5), Suman Sourav Mohanty (Rank 18), Rishita Gupta (Rank 18) have done it with Public Administration.

Insights IAS will conduct classes for the optional which will be completely oriented towards clearing the exam.  
Features of classroom program

1>  Exhaustive coverage of syllabus – This course is uniquely structured in such a way that a student with zero background in Public Administration or even in any related subjects can understand it and by the end even master all the concepts in syllabus of UPSC public administration optional. Most of the work is done in class itself, to reduce burden on students in later stages of preparation.

2>  Integrated with answer writing – It is the trademark of insights to integrate answer writing from the very beginning to ensure whole preparation is exam oriented. This is the reason Insights IAS gets so many ranks every single year. So, it will continue in Public Administration also. In each class 2 questions will be given for which students have to write answers. 

3>  Integration of concepts with current affairs—Focus on dynamic aspects of public administration to ensure current developments are integrated within the class itself as far as possible.

4>  Special focus on interlinkages and examples which are the basis of good scores in Public Administration

5>  Small batch size for Individual attention – focus on strengths and weaknesses of each student is emphasized to make sure each of their efforts are directed sharply at clearing UPSC CSE.


Fee details – 32760/-- (Inclusive of taxes) After Discount

Course mode : Online & Offline ( Subject to Government restrictions)

Starts from : 1st August 2021 (Begins with Administrative Thought Unit)

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