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Intensive Bridge Course for GS 1 Mains


Course Features:

  • Covers entire GS-1 (Very Bulky syllabus!!) in 60 hrs.
  • Basic understanding of the syllabus
  • Theme based approach to tackle this bulky syllabus
  • Analysis of Previous Years Questions
  • Notes Making Techniques (To revise effectively)
  • Answer writing techniques (Common Template approach to tackle unconventional questions)
  • Unique Sprint test at the end of each day (to enhance speed and answer writing skills)
  • Current issues around the GS-1 syllabus will be covered.

Bonus Session

  • One session by our prelim’s expert Thanmay sir on how to tackle prelims 2021, how to make your study plan for the next 60 days for prelims.



Starts from 26th July 2021

Fee: 9750/- including GST

Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till 20th July 2021            

Old Subscriber Discount: 10% discount

Mode : Online Only

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