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CORE BATCH 2024 (Online)


CORE BATCH 2024 (Online)



  1. Total No. of GS Tests: 77
  2.  Write an Essay Test on alternate Sundays. Total No. of Essay Tests: 14
  3. Systematic completion of the syllabus of the 4 GS papers & Optionals through regular tests based on a micro-syllabus
  4. Revision through Repetition: Complete the entire syllabus with 4 revisions.
  5. 91 tests will be conducted in 4 Rounds with an Incremental Increase in the No. of Questions & Duration of each Test
  6. Clarity on the Sources to be studied
  7. Soft Copy of the Synopsis will be provided for each test
  8. Integrated preparation for Mains & Prelims
  9. Orientations for each subject will be pre-loaded into the InstaCourses Portal. They will empower you to understand and analyze the essence and trend of every subject enabling you to draw-out a map for your personalized preparation.
  10. Short Notes: You will have to compulsorily make short notes before every test. Our timetable provides you scope to prepare thoroughly on every topic in the syllabus before February 2024
  11. Mentorship: You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through your preparation, solve doubts, help you improve and ensure that you are on track to ace the exam. Dedicated mentorship is provided to help you achieve that extra edge over your competitors.
  12. Practice is Key: Intensive and continuous answer-writing, will help you face the uncertainty of the UPSC exam, experiment, learn and unlearn many things. Practice leads to progress!
  13. Sessions by Vinay Sir will be conducted regularly to motivate you & provide the right guidance to keep you going on the right path towards your goal.


New Features:

  1. Personalized Mentorship: Personal review of a few answers per test & essays by mentors
  2. Peer review of answers
  3. Group Discussions will be conducted for an hour post each test (Online Modes)
  4. Groups will be formed based on your Optional Subject
  5. Write a weekly Optional test based on PYQs. Total No. of Optional Tests incorporated into the timetable: 30[We will not provide the Optional tests]
  6. Recommended: Solve a Prelims Test every Sunday


Core Batch 2024 Starts on: 20th July 2023

Fee: Rs. 2000/- incl. taxes

BONUS OFFER: Get Rs.1500 off on our Textbook-Based Prelims Test Series 3.0(38 GS+16 CSAT Tests). To avail the offer, please email once you join the CORE BATCH.

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CORE BATCH 2024 (Online)

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