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CONQUER PRELIMS 2024 - Ground Zero


Starts from 1st Nov. 2023

Fee: Rs. 12000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer: Rs. 9999/- till 25th Oct. 2023

Old Subscribers: Rs. 9999/- incl. taxes


Greetings from the Insights IAS Team!

We are delighted to announce the return of our "Conquer Prelims" program for the upcoming year. You might be wondering why we're starting this early, considering there are still eight months left until Prelims 2024. Do you believe you have an abundance of time to begin your Prelims preparation and start from February?


For those of you who confidently answered "Yes," we encourage you to stick with your plan, but with a caveat. Proceed with your plan to start late only if you possess unwavering confidence in your Prelims readiness, possess a solid grasp of fundamental concepts, have honed the essential skills for tackling multiple-choice questions (MCQs), can gauge risk effectively based on the paper's difficulty level for the year, and did not face any challenges in the changed pattern of Prelims 2023.


If, however, you sense any room for improvement in any aspect of your preparation, we recommend commencing your Prelims preparation well ahead. We understand that you also need to allocate time to focus on your optional subject and Mains preparation. Therefore, we have meticulously crafted this course to cover the CSAT subject in the month of November so that you can eliminate any apprehensions about qualifying CSAT.


Furthermore, our "Conquer GS" program in December and January is designed to impart a deep understanding of concepts that will prove beneficial for both Prelims and Mains. Rest assured, we will take every measure to ensure you master the art of solving MCQs, equipping you with the skills needed for a successful Prelims performance.

Conquer Prelims apart from its uniqueness, is also perfectly oriented to the demands of UPSC Prelims due to the human power who are behind this program.

The program is a brain child of Vinay Sir (Founder and Director). Like we had stated before, at the time when students were under tremendous pressure during the COVID-19 second wave and were unable to strategize and consolidate their prelims preparation, Vinay sir came up with this innovative idea of launching the Conquer Prelims-2021 program with affordable price so as to help the student community at large.  Adithya sir, the head of the program who is also the Prelims expert at Insights. He has prepared 1000s of MCQs for various initiatives. His experience in handling prelims classes and clarity in understanding UPSC demand for prelims is the reason why Conquer prelims has been successful last year as well.

Conquer Prelims has a soaring success rate of 12% of students (45 students out of 350) clearing Prelims 2023 – yes, they did tackle the unconventional paper with confidence.

Like last year, Sudeep Sir, one of the best faculties for GS at Insights IAS who has been handling both Prelims & Mains Bridge courses will be a part of Conquer Prelims 2024.


Now the more exciting news!!!!!

This year we are coming up with MISSION 150 – Every effort will be put to ensure at least 150 students clear Prelims 2024!

CONQUER PRELIMS 2024 Ground Zero is well crafted with a Four Quadrant strategy representing 4 approaches to prelims to meet the new standards set by UPSC.

  1. Conquer CSAT November
  2. Conquer Content December & January
  3. Conquer Preparatory Tests
  4. Conquer Face-to-Face


Conquer CSAT November: CSAT in 30days (120 hours)

  • Entire month of November is dedicated to build concepts of CSAT from basics to advanced.
  • Conquer CSAT covers in detailed the below 4 sections:
    • Basic Numeracy + Data sufficiency
    • Logical Reasoning + Analytical Ability
    • General Mental Ability
    • Reading Comprehension
  • Live Solving of MCQs
  • Structured approach to classes as well as tests
  • Detailed list of topics covered and the flow, schedule of CSAT tests is made available



Conquer Content December & January

  • Cover entire Prelims Syllabus in 2months!
  • Classes will be conducted for 8 basic pillars integrated with Current Affairs:
  1. Geography & Agriculture
  2. International Relations
  3. Polity
  4. Economy
  5. Modern India
  6. Ancient & Medieval India
  7. Art & Culture
  8. Science & Technology

Classes will include Conceptual understanding of subjects interlinked with Current affairs, subject specific analysis of PYQs, thorough coverage of themes, strategies to improve your skills to solve MCQs.


Conquer Preparatory Tests

It is a well known and accepted fact that Preliminary stage requires PRACTICE and REVISION. Practice forms an important part of your preparation to realize

  1. Your conceptual clarity
  2. Application of concepts
  3. Logical deduction based on conceptual clarity
  4. how do you tackle unconventional questions
  5. Your time management skills
  6. Your competition around


Our "Conquer Preparatory Tests" program encompasses a total of 10 CSAT Tests and 18 GS Tests. Each of these meticulously crafted tests is designed to assess all the aforementioned aspects. The questions have been carefully curated to align with the current changes, trends, and difficulty levels observed in the UPSC CSE Prelims for the year 2023.


Conquer Face 2 Face:

Face to Face discussions with Adithya sir & Sudeep sir regularly

Discussions will help you

  • Analyze your performance & improvements Face2Face
  • Learn time management techniques
  • Learn different approaches to How to attach ‘LOGIC’ to deduce answers in MCQs?
  • Understand how to interlink topics & concepts to arrive at the correct option?
  • Learn how to take calculated risks?


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your UPSC Prelims preparation to the next level. Let us together work towards your goal of clearing Prelims 2024


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