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I-WIN Prelims Test Series 2024


I-WIN Prelims Test Series 2024 Starts on 8th January 2024 (Monday)

Fee (Offline Mode): Rs. 3500/- incl. taxes

Fee (Online Mode): Rs. 2500/- incl. taxes

Mode of I-WIN 2024: Offline and Online 




  • Total No. Tests: 50 ( 42 GS + 8 CSAT)
  • No. of High-Quality Questions in each I-WIN test: 50
  • The set of 50 questions includes: 25 from NCERT/standard books, 5 conceptual questions, 10 from current affairs, and 10 from PYQs (comprising 5 direct PYQs and 5 questions derived from the options of PYQs).
  • Test Timing and Duration of each I-WIN test: 7 AM - 8 AM (1 hour)
  • Systematic completion of the syllabus  through regular tests based on a micro-syllabus
  • Revision through Repetition: Complete the entire Prelims syllabus with 4 revisions.
  • 50 tests will be conducted in 4 Rounds 
  • Weekly CSAT Tests on Saturdays
  • A study holiday will be given once a week on Sundays
  • Clarity on the Sources to be studied
  • Soft Copy of the Synopsis will be provided for each test by 8:30 AM the same day on the Portal.
  • Orientations for each subject will be pre-loaded into the InstaCourses Portal. They will empower you to understand and analyze the essence and trend of every subject enabling you to draw-out a map for your personalized preparation.
  • Group Mentorship between 8 - 10 AM:  Mentors will guide you through your preparation, solve doubts, help you improve and ensure that you are on track to ace the exam. Dedicated mentorship is provided to help you achieve that extra edge over your competitors(OFFLINE at Bengaluru & Delhi Only)
  • Practice is Key: Intensive and disciplined testing , will help you face the uncertainty of the UPSC exam, experiment, learn and unlearn many things. Practice leads to progress!
  • By March 2024, you'll feel confident with a solid grasp of basic and advanced concepts, including past questions, current affairs, and CSAT. You'll also learn effective time management and improve your multiple-choice question skills.
  • The rank list will be released by 2 PM for offline students. Online students can see their live (dynamic) ranks on the portal as soon as they attempt the test.
  • Seamlessly integrated with the FREE Insights IAS 75-Days Revision Plan, which starts on 12th March, 2024.
  • I-WIN Book of Learnings: Offline students will be given the hard copy, and online students will get access to download the soft copy.

What exactly is the I-WIN : WORK, IMPROVE, NURTURE Strategy?

I-WIN, an acronym for Work, Improve, Nurture, is your 50-day journey to put your best foot forward in UPSC Prelims 2024.

  • WORK: Study consistently, work hard and in a smart manner and take a UPSC Prelims Test comprising 50 MCQs every day 7 AM 
  • IMPROVE: Go through the synopsis after taking the test and analyze the question types, difficulty level, and your mistakes with a mindset to improve.
  • NURTURE: Nurture your potential every single day in a  consistent manner. Test yourself, make mistakes, correct yourself, and learn each day!

I-WIN makes your preparation focused, enhances your skills, and fosters a mindset of constant improvement—truly embodying the essence of Work, Improve, Nurture 

Let it resonate within you: I will overcome, succeed, and triumph with I-WIN!

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I-WIN Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024-Offline

3500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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I-WIN Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024-Online

2500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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I-WIN Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024-Offline
I-WIN Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024-Online


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