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Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series(IPB)2024 2.0


Reflecting on the recent Prelims exams, it is evident that the examination has become more dynamic and challenging, given the ever increasing competition. Elements of uncertainty and unpredictability have become integral to the exam itself. To navigate this exam effortlessly, it is crucial to cultivate the necessary skills to approach questions with confidence while maintaining composure. The proven method of Practice-Assessment-Learning is the sole approach to equip aspirants to confront the Prelims Exam with unwavering determination and assurance.

With around 100 days remaining for the Prelims exam in 2024, it is imperative for all aspirants to be proactive, engaging in tests that adopt the right approach to the examination, ensuring success. Uphold the mantra of PRACTICE + ASSESS + REVISE to effortlessly conquer the exam.

In this regard and on request by the students, we are launching a separate package of Full Syllabus test of Insta Prelims Booster Test Series 2024

Note : These tests are a part of our IPB 1.0 / IPM / Insta Prelims Test Series 1.0 - 7.0. If you have already subscribed for any of these test series, you need not subscribe again.


Details :

  • Starts on 19th Feb, 2024
  • Total Tests : 12 GS & 6 CSAT
  • All are full syllabus Tests
  • Detailed, well-researched synopsis will be made available for all the tests. Hardcopy of the synopsis will be given only for the students who have converted the tests to offline and given the test in the offline mode
  • Flexibility: Tests can be taken up any time before the Prelims Exam 2024
  • Detailed Analytical Assessment System :We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths, subjects & skills to improve upon, question paper analysis is provided based on categories and difficulty levels. You will also be given an all India rank and a scorecard.
  • Value Added Material: The PRIME Magazine(soft copy) will be provided for FREE




  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only softcopy will be provided)
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrolment to the test series will be cancelled
  • Course is valid till Prelims 2024

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IPB 2.0 Full Syllabus Tests

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IPB 2.0 Full Syllabus Tests


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