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YLM Test Series 2025 (2.0)


Features of YLM 2025 2.0:

  • Total Tests : 

    Mains : 22 Mini GS Tests + 35 Full Length GS Tests + 10 Essay (57GS Tests & 10 Essay Tests)

  • Starts on :11th July 2024
  • EBS Approach (Essential, Breakthrough & Simulation) :
              Essential Round : Build strong basics and revise with full length tests
              Breakthrough Rounds(Round 2 & 3): Link Basics, facts and concepts with current affairs
              Simulation Round : Simulates UPSC papers
  • Fully Convertible to Online or Offline mode
  • Issue Specific Material & PRIME Notes
  • Personalised One-to-one Mentorship
  • Evaluation by experts within 6 working days
  • High-quality questions and synopsis with UPSC standards
  • Post-test discussions
  • Assured evaluation of 2 Secure answers every day
  • GUIDANCE OVER ZOOM SESSIONS every 15 days: We find it important to have a connect with test series students to check on their progress, any difficulty faced, if they are able to follow the strategy and tests and understand if they are improving every day. In this regard, we will be conducting a Zoom session every 15 days by Vinay Sir, prelims and subject experts.
  • Doubts Clarification on DISQUS platform: a dedicated team will be available to clear all your doubts on the tests within 24 hours.

What's New?????

  • Focus on subjects according to the weightage
  • Orientation for every subject before the subject begins
  • Start with Mini Tests and proceed with full-length tests for every subject
  • Group Mentorship for students writing on the scheduled date
  • LIVE discussions for full-length tests of Essential Round
  • Follow-up by mentors to maintain discipline in taking tests and mentorship



Full Package : Rs 29500/- (Inclusive of all taxes) 

Only GS :Rs. 24000/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Only Ethics: Rs. 6500/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Only Essay: Rs. 6500/- (inclusive of all taxes)


  • Early Bird Offer : 10% till 10th July 2024
  • Old Subscribers Discount:10%



  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only softcopy will be provided)
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrolment to the test series will be cancelled
  • Course is valid till Mains 2025 

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29500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

Early Bird: 10%

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24000/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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Only Essay

6500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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Only Ethics

6500/- (Inclusive of Taxes)

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